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  • 76 Exercises and Growing: The best golf exercises out there
  • Several Workout Programs: For the gym, home and course
Michael Sassorossi, 
TPI Golf Conditioning Specialist
Why Michael Is The Right Coach For You. 
Hi. I'm Michael and I'm dedicated to helping you play your best golf ever. I've been training people for peak golf performance for 20 years from my gyms and personal training studios is 2 countries. 
  • TPI Certified Golf Conditioning Specialist
  • FRA Advanced Personal Trainer
  • Hosted My Own TV Show "Get Fit With Mike"
  • ​Certified Life Coach
  • ​Owned Gyms, Personal Training and Wellness Centers in 2 Countries. 
Michael has Trained, coached, and motivated hundreds of people including a PGA Hall Of Famer, Many Club Professional and Club Champions along with every day players like us.

Rest assured. You are in good hands and are about to take your first step towards playing your best game, enjoying it and having vibrant health.
Ready To Take Your Game 
To The Next Level?
Here's What You Get As A Client:

TPI Evaluation

Performed by a TPI Titleist Performance Institute certified golf fitness specialist, our golf conditioning program is specifically designed to identify golfers' strengths and weaknesses, and to advance flexibility, power and overall performance. Through an extensive 18 step golf assessment, which includes state-of-the-art video analysis.

Custom Workouts

Your swing and body are unique. You will learn your strength and weaknesses and develop a custom program . A workout that will make your swing feel effortless with maximum power and repeatability.

The Best Education

You will learn the reason behind the scenes. Most experts don't tell you the 3 most important reasons you need to know to take your game to the next level. !. Kinematic Sequence 2. Kinetic Chain Of Power. 3. How To Harness Your Power.
Here are sample exercise that will increase core strength, Maintain proper spine angle though swing, gain lower body stabilization and create more mobility for upper body. Result, more power, longer distance and lower scores!
"The BEST Golf Fitness Training Ever!"
"I've been doing this for a long time. I've never hit the ball so well with easy swing thoughts. The change is amazing. I focus and release my hips. It's like magic!"

Carlos Rojas Soto, Golf Professional
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